"MAGNA GRAECIA - THE MYTH AND THE SEA" is a project conceived by the BOTTEGA D’ARTE NOSSIDE in concert with the ZAFFERANO SOCIAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATION and the holistic accountant dr. Antonio Molinaro, in collaboration with the EMYS Association and under the patronage of the Municipality of Gallipoli, and is linked to the commitment that unites them with cultural promulgation and dissemination and artistic and historical protection of the territory.
An ambitious idea that uses the art as a communicative element; a trade d'union between culture and creativity which has the main purpose of spreading the culture of Magna Graecia, as a universal heritage. The main aim of the project is to spread the awareness of Hellenic culture, to make people understand the greatness of Magna Graecia and the precious heritage left to us as inheritance.
To this end, a fundamental point of "MAGNA GRAECIA - THE MYTH AND THE SEA" is its "mobility"; an event in constant motion dedicated to art, culture, development and promulgation of the territory and the Mediterranean; a traveling journey packed with a series of appointments, in-depth studies, courses, debates, seminars and lots of surprises that are constantly evolving and that frame the main event represented by the presentation of the exhibition installation inspired by ancient Greece, the sea and archeology.
"Theorein - the silence of the invisible, following in the footsteps of the myth" created and designed by the contemporary artist Francesca Sirianni, known painter, sculptor and high jewelery designer, as well as owner of the "Nosside" Art Workshop. An important program that, in this edition, has perfectly embraced the ideals that inspire the associative philosophy of EMYS and of the project, curated by them, of the MEREA Sea Culture Center which is set up as an innovative museum, a cultural center for a narrative museum experience of the sea and the culture linked to it, with the help of the latest generation multimedia and interactive technologies and tools.

Inaugural program
The inaugural evening, scheduled for 2 July 2018 at 18:30, announces an ambitious and extraordinarily rich program, which turns the spotlight on Gallipoli and its exceptional artistic and landscape beauties.
6.30 pm - Official opening of the event "MAGNA GRAECIA - THE MYTH AND THE SEA", institutional greetings and introduction of the project followed by the presentation of the main event, represented by the exhibition installation of the contemporary artist Francesca Sirianni, "Theorein - the silence of the invisible, in the footsteps of myth "; together with the presentation of the book, of imminent editorial release, by dr. Antonio Molinaro, Holistic Accountant and Dr. Graziella Mazza, motivational psychologist, who will illustrate the content of the purposes, by virtue of a personal experience, as well as a "holistic" theory of "doing business" in a conscious and above all serene way, far from anxieties and counterproductive fears.
Following the Emys Association, together with the Nosside Art Workshop and the Zafferano Cultural Associate Association, will deliver an important recognition to an illustrious character for recognized professional and artistic merits by virtue of the ARGHEOLOGY project.
The event will continue with the official inauguration and ribbon cutting of the exhibition installation by the artist Francesca Sirianni dedicated to the sea and Greek archeology "Theorein - the silence of the invisible, in the footsteps of the myth".
The ribbon cutting will mark the official start of the show which will continue until 12 July.
During the days of the exhibition it will be possible to interact during the visit, with the artist Francesca Sirianni, who will be present in the venue and will perform live, through a demonstrative performance, a pictorial work inspired by the sea; visitors will be able to come into contact, through tactile and sensorial experience, with the creative dimension and follow an interactive / educational path of remarkable emotional involvement.